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Motorcycle Crash - The Realisation

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Jack is currently in hospital with a broken wrist and a ruptured spleen. He told me that he should be allowed to go home in about a weeks time. I honestly still can't believe what happened. The speed he crash at and yet only came out of it with a brokken wrist and a ruptured spleen. I hope this video made you realise that everytime you go out on your bike, this is the kind of danger that you could face. ALWAYS wear your gear and ride to your own ability.

If you could spare 5 minutes, go to Jacks YouTube channel subscribe and leave him a comment or something, let him know that we're all here for him as one. He won't be expecting it so please do if you have a spare few minutes. Massive thanks to the guy who stopped and helped us out, absolutely amazing how he helped five complete stangers out.

Thanks to LifeOn2Wheels for his footage too.

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