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'Jonny Quest' Movie Characters and Likely Rating Confirmed by Producer Adrian Askarieh

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Nahráno uživatelem Collider Videos There's a lot of excitement surrounding Robert Rodriguez's adaptation of Jonny Quest, but little confirmed news as to which characters are certain to make the cut, which version of the fan-favorite series will serve as inspiration, and what rating it will ultimately receive. In speaking with producer Adrian Askarieh, we were able to answer some of those questions.

Rodriguez recently turned in the script he co-wrote with Terry Rossio, both of them working from an earlier draft by Dan Mazeau. Though it's not quite ready to turn in to the studio yet, they expect to have the script in soon. Then, it's up to the studio to decide the film's ultimate rating. For an up-to-date look at where the Jonny Quest movie stands right now, check out Steve's interview with Askarieh below followed by some quotes and our thoughts:

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