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Just Another Day

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Nahráno uživatelem Wong Fu Productions We partnered with Samsung to create this video!

Today is just another day, or is it?

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Written & Directed by Philip Wang
Cinematography by Wesley Chan, Philip Wang, Christopher Yang
Produced by Jessica Lin
Production Manager Benson Quach

Joanna Sotomura
Eric Ochoa
Highdee Kuan
Bethany Struble
Geo Lee
Chanelle Wang
Sarah McFermott & Monier West
Meg Joh & Cory Webster
Jessica Lin, Mike Bow, Deyo Forteza, Andrew Ge, Michelle Hsiweh, Kirstin Kim, Leonard Lim, Jessica Schleiger, Bianca Vallar

Production Coordinator Sophia Chang
G&E Swing Justin Lieu & Chris Lam

Music by Steve Winarto
Additional Music by Carol Kuswanto

Special Thanks Copa Vida, Pasadena

Director’s Note:
Almost exactly 6 years ago, while driving home, I had a random thought.. I wondered, at that very moment, how many people in the world were meeting someone for the first time and that person was going to become their life partner. I tried to guess.. 100,000? 1M? 10M? I thought that was pretty cool. That at any given moment, someone was meeting their future spouse, while I was just sitting in traffic.
Anyway, I thought that’d be a good tweet, but then it was too long and it turned into a blog post, but then I wanted visuals so it became a script. 6 years ago.
At the time, WF was a different team and structure, and we tried shooting it but never completed it for a number of reasons. It always haunted me… this script that I really liked, incomplete. So I put a reshoot date on my calendar to remind myself. But month after month passed without it being touched, so I kept dragging it back on the calendar. After a year or two, I started moving it back multiple months, and it would still come and go.
But I never forgot about it. And finally, a couple months ago, we found the right fit and opportunity in our schedule to make it happen with Samsung. I hope it makes you feel, peaceful.

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