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Death to My Friends! (The Hidden)

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Nahráno uživatelem ChilledChaos Welcome Back to the Hidden Internet! As it turns out The Great ChilledChaos will get his chance at slicing and dicing, but not becoming a little girl served on a platter for the rest of the group!. Leave a rating for more!

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The Hidden:
This Game is called The Hidden. It's a Source Mod that has been in beta for...pretty much ever. The objective is simple. If you are an IRIS (Irrationally Racist Incest Sex) agent, hunt down the hidden (who is invisible) and BRING HIM TO JUSTICE by any means possible! You have access to a slew of different guns and abilities.

The other faction is The Hidden. A science Experiment Gone Wrong. You are armed with a knife and are invisible (Think Halo Multiplayer Invisible) Your job is to stalk the agents and kill them via any means possible.

Of course we usually play the game a bit differently than the way it was intended. We like to roleplay as well as Murder our Friends! Its a Glorious really is. So while it may not always make sense, it will always provide a laugh

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Music by Kevin Macleod of Incompetech
Music by Google Royalty Free Music

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