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Hannah's Poem • "What if my melodies are the one's nobody hears?"

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Nahráno uživatelem ItsATwinThing Hey guys, so this video has been so long in the making and caused me so so so so much trouble!
I was having trouble rendering it, and yeah it was just a real pain. But here it is and I hope you like it!

I cannot wait for Season 2, and what aspects they're going to explore! So I've finished University until September
which means slower internet (boo!) and I've got a job to save money over the summer, also boo! xD Ugh I hate adulting sometimes!

I do not own the content in this video!

Program: Sony Vegas Pro 13.0
Video Tracks: 7
Audio Tracks: 4
Fandom: 13 Reasons Why (Hannah's Poem)
Song: COLD by Jorge Méndez

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