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John Amos Recalls His McDonald's Job Before 'Coming to America'

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Nahráno uživatelem djvlad - Director John Landis wanted to meet actor John Amos one day at Paramount Studios, and upon arrival Landis made it clear to Amos that he was the one he wanted for the role of Cleo McDowell in his comedic movie "Coming to America." "He had pretty much made up his mind that I was the right [one] for the McDonald's character," he recalls. Interestingly enough, John didn't need too much practice for the role, as he had previously worked for the first-ever McDonald's in Canada during his younger days. "Unbeknownst to me I was being prepared for that role even as I went about the business of trying to feed my family," John states in this exclusive clip.

During his sit down with us the "Good Times" star reminisced on Eddie Murphy's prankster ways while on the set of their film, detailing a time when he noticed a guy becoming "increasingly more confrontational" as he asked Amos about his celebrity status. Producer Easy Mo Bee even jumped into the conversation and mentioned that director Lee Daniels needs to cast John on his hit FOX series, "Empire." "Holla at both of us, we'll both do it. We'll do it as twin brothers, okay?" John adds with a laugh.

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