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best friend quizzes - ALL QUESTIONS - no gameplay

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Nahráno uživatelem oqua Just the question parts from the two "best friend quiz" Gamingmas videos! I cut out the gameplay.

Original videos:
"Are we Best Friends or FIENDS?!" -
"BEST FRIEND QUIZ #2 - Dragon City Edition!" -

Question timestamps:

0:07 - Q: How did Phil get the scar on his knee?
A: He tripped on a nail while trying to catch a bee (Dan gets it right)

0:54 - Q: How did Dan get the scar on his elbow?
A: A teacher’s stamp that he had an allergic reaction to (Phil gets it right)

1:26 - Q: What would Phil have been called if he was born a girl?
A: Fiona (Dan gets it right, maybe it was somewhere in his extensive Phil mind palace)

1:55 - Q: What would Dan have been called if he was born a girl?
A: Yazi (Phil gets it right)

2:43 - Q: What is Dan’s favorite scented candle?
A: Beechwood (Phil gets it wrong - guesses Amber Musk)

3:34 - Q: What prescription are Phil’s glasses/contact lenses?
A: -3.5 (Dan gets it wrong - guesses -2.5)

4:06 - Q: Which bone has Dan broken?
A: His little finger, on a waterslide (Phil gets it right)

4:37 - Q: Which two bones have Phil broken?
A: His hand giving someone a piggyback ride at university and his nose smashing into a wall (Dan gets the first one right, but guesses “foot” for the second, although he later remembers the story)

5:13 - Q: What nickname did Phil give himself as a kid because he couldn’t say his real name?
A: Dibbit (Dan gets it right - he is “number one Phil trash, bwahahah”)

5:35 - Q: What is the last annoying domestic thing that Phil did?
A: He left his contact lens pot on the tap (and he also left all the kitchen cupboards open when he went to bed and ate the last of Dan’s cinnamon cereal) (Phil technically gets it wrong because he guesses just the kitchen cupboards one)

6:41 - Q: Which of these animals has not bitten Phil [squirrel, rat, or goose]?
A: Rat (Dan gets it right)

7:26 - Q: How did Dan chip his tooth?
A: He was eating an apple from his grandma (Phil gets it right)

8:00 - Q: What is Dan’s party trick?
A: He can spin his arm around all the way (Phil gets it right)

8:35 - Q: How many babies did Phil’s hamsters have?
A: Thirteen (Dan gets it wrong - guesses fourteen)

9:01 - Q: What is the name of one of the baby hamsters?
A: some options would have included Badger, Snowball, Allen… (Dan gets it wrong - guesses Norris, who is the dad)

9:13 - Q: How many people lived in Phil’s university house including Phil?
A: Ten (Dan gets it right)

9:35 - Q: Which of these animals has Dan not seen in real life? [polar bear, sloth, or jaguar]?
A: Sloth (Phil gets it wrong - guesses jaguar even though he and Dan saw jaguars together at the Manchester zoo. He was confused because they watch lots of sloth videos together)

10:23 - Q: What are three of the names that Dan gave his Pokémons in Pokémon Sun & Moon?
A: Phil’s answers are “It’s Lit,” “Me Tbh,” and “Birb” - all correct, although he initially guessed “Me Irl” before changing it

11:11 - Q: What horror movie did Phil’s parents not let him watch as a child?
A: A Nightmare on Elm Street (Dan gets it right)

11:45 - Q: How did Phil injure himself on the first day they moved into the London flat?
A: He slipped on the floor in the lounge while holding a box (Dan gets it wrong - guesses that Phil bumped into a door)

12:33 - Q: What is the closest Dan has ever come to dying?
A: He choked on a boiled sweet (Phil gets it right, and also brings up the story of Dan snorting a bead)
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