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POV: Firefighters Descend Flight of Stairs in Full Bunker Gear on 9/11

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Nahráno uživatelem Fire And Police Videos On September 11th, 2019, Albuquerque Fire Firefighters donned bunker gear and climbed the U.S. Eagle Building near Civic Plaza in Albuquerque, N.M.

They started at 8:46AM Mountain time. The time is significant to when the 9/11 terrorist attacks happened in New York City.

Bunker gear consists of trousers, boots and a large heavy jacket. That is what most of the NYFD 9/11 first responders wore when they went into the Twin Towers to save lives.

The first Memorial Stair Climb occurred, September 11, 2003. When an Albuquerque Fire Dept. Lieutenant completed the climb, having went up and down a two story building 55 times. That first climb, firefighting gear and tools were not used, however body armor, a helmet and an M-4 were. The climb occurred overseas after being activated and deployed to support "Operation Enduring Freedom".
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