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7 Clips from 'We Are Your Friends' Fail to Amp It Up

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Nahráno uživatelem Collider Videos Warner Bros. just released seven clips from Max Joseph's feature directorial debut We Are Your Friends. Zac Efron leads as Cole, an aspiring DJ who's mentored by an old pro named James (Wes Bentley). Cole is determined to hit it big in the electronic music industry, but when he meets and falls for James' girlfriend, Sophie (Emily Ratajkowski), he's forced to reassess his priorities.

Electronic music is pure gold when it comes to cutting trailers so I've enjoyed the energy of the promos released thus far quite a bit, but these clips are just totally lifeless. Hopefully it's only because we're watching them completely out of context but as standalone videos, these are some pretty dull moments.

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7 Clips from 'We Are Your Friends' Fail to Amp It Up
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