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Emerald Smokey Eye

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Nahráno uživatelem Carli Bybel *BRETT & I Filmed ourselves planting our FIRST EVER TREE today!!! Watch here:

I WILL BE CONTACTING YOU ALL TOMORROW! Check your video entry for a comment :) XOXO
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2. @Chantrae Schreiner
3. @__LIZBETT__
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6. @PangYang

*Thank you to EVERYONE who entered! I watched EVERY SINGLE ENTRY!!! I laughed & cried through all of them. It was so amazing getting to meet some of you. It really made my week getting to hear all your amazing stories. If it were up to me I would have NEVER been able to pick a winner!! I chose all of the winners by random! Thank you again to every single amazing soul! You all did such a great thing for our earth. I can't wait to host another one SO SOON!!!! Love you all!

HEY BEAUTIES! Today I have a new giveaway and makeup tutorial! I CANNOT believe we are almost at 3 MILLION MUFFINS. LIKE HOW? Thank you all so much. I've been planning this giveaway for awhile now! I wanted to do something different that would benefit our earth. I figured this would be a fun way to help plant some trees all around the world! I really hope you guys have fun doing this! And remember you are helping save the planet! Our future generations will thank us :) Every little bit helps. Love you all !!!

Makeup Products Used in this video:
*Benefit Stay Don't Stray in Light
*MAC Golden Olive Pigment:
*Too Faced: Rock N Roll Palette:
*Carli Lash *Code: CARLILASH for 15% off!
*Colour Pop Shadow in Nillionaire
*L'oreal Telescopic Mascara:
*NYX Contour Kit
*NYX Peach Blush HERE
*Revlon Highlighter in Peach Glow
*Estee Lauder lip pencil in Rose
*Anastasia Liquid Lipstick in Pure Hollywood & Lovely:\
*Fix + in Coconut


1. Subscribe to my youtube channel (if you haven't done so already!)

2. Follow me on my 2 instagram pages: @CarliBel @TheFashionBybel

3. Look up the zoning laws in your area for planting a tree* This step is EXTREMELY important! You CANNOT just plant a tree wherever. (wish you could but there are specific laws for each town/city/country)

4. Plant a tree! ***Make sure you are ALLOWED to plant the tree before digging! I want everyone to be safe and check with your local law. See links below for help! You can be fined for planting/digging in certain areas! *IF for whatever reason you 100% CANNOT plant a tree - plant something beneficial to the earth.

5. Film yourself planting the tree! This only needs to be 15 seconds. It Can be longer if you want to share your experience! I can't wait to see! **This does not have to be planted at your home. Call up a local plant nursery and i'm sure they can help you find somewhere if you have no place to plant it!

6. Post video on either Youtube or Instagram:
***FOR INSTAGRAM ENTRIES*** Make sure your page is PUBLIC for the duration of the giveaway. Make sure to include @CarliBel, hashtag #TreesForChange, #CarliBelGiveaway & what type of tree you planted ON ALL ENTRIES. I will be personally watching EVERY video submitted!
***FOR YOUTUBE ENTRIES*** Make sure to title the video: "#TreesForChange Carli Bybel Giveaway Entry" Make sure to let me know what type of tree you planted

7. Once your video is posted on either Insta or YT, comment BELOW with the link so I can see!

*Planting Trees during Summer months:
*Check your Hardiness Zone:
*ANYONE IN THE USA: Call 811 before you dig. This will get your underground utility lines marked for free, which will help to prevent damage, injury, and fines.

2 - Gerard Cosmetics Lipsticks (of choice)
2 - GC Lipglosses (of choice)
2 - GC Star Powders (of choice)
1 - GC Browbar to go
1 - Whitening Lightning DAS Kit
1 - 6 in 1 Curling Wand by Bellami
1 - BH 10 Color Blush Palette
1 - Carli Lash by Velour Lashes
1 - $100 Amazon Gift Card
1 - $50 Princess P Jewelry Gift Card
1 - Pair of Ludora Boutique Earrings
1 - The Balm Lipgloss
2 - Nailpolishes
1 - Morphe Palette
2 - ABH Liquid Lipsticks (of choice)
2 - Butter Lipsticks
1 - MAC Pigment (of choice)
1 - MAC Global Glow Mineralize Bronzer
1 - Kat Von D Shade and Light Palette
1 - L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara [how could I forget her! ;)
1 - Becca Highlighter (of choice)
2 - NYX Single Eye Shadows
1 - MAC Lipstick (of choice)
1 - MAC Fix +
1 - Marc Jacobs Lipgloss
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