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Favorite Fairy Tales

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Nahráno uživatelem Tomblappy Requested By: peterflores1539 and BKDBrian2. It's The YouTube Debut of Golden Book Video's Favorite Fairy Tales

The First Story is: Cinderella. This has nothing to do The Original Disney Version of Cinedella. Except when Cinderella forgives the Step Sisters for They're Cruelity and the stepmother didn't make a appearance.

The Second Story is: The Golden Goose About a Princess who is Sad and Who ever make the princess laugh will becomer her husband.

The Third Story is: The Elves and the Shoemaker about a poor shoe maker who didn't make enough money so thanks to the help of the polite and Goofy Elves (Cough, Ripoff, Cough) Along with a annoying but hillarious Cuckoo Clock Bird.

(C) 1986 Western Publishing Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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