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Hey guys, welcome back to another Office Antics video! Today House_Owner and Mithzan are doing the Urban Dictionary Challenge, where Red (not pictured) will read them a word from Urban Dictionary and they will write what they think it means. Their first word is “man chair,” and they each fail miserably, with Ross writing “chair,” and Max drawing a picture of Barney yelling at him. In fact, a man chair is the chair, or stool, men sit in while their significant others are shopping. The next word is “police navidad,” meaning a Christmas party that got so out of hand that the cops were called. Ross, however, believes it means a policeman arresting a Christmas tree, and he depicts it beautifully with some whiteboard art. Max has “police brutality, but in a good way.” They both get a point and move on to “Rosetta stoned,” which refers to the state at which someone is so high that they start speaking in a foreign language. Max has “When a woman named Rosetta partakes in 420.” Ross, on the other hand, has a man taking a chunk of the Rosetta Stone and throwing it at a bird, i.e., Rosetta stoning it. The next word is “spicy edit,” and Max thinks it’s about an editor who’s only able to get a job editing in the porn industry, while Ross drew editors in a volcano. The actual definition is editing a story with exaggerations or lies as you’re telling it in order to make it more exciting due to the fact that you realized it’s actually really boring and your life sucks. Ross argues that there’s already a word for that – embellishing – but the Urban Dictionary has spoken. The next word is “Darth breather,” meaning someone who breathes really loudly, especially in quiet places. Max guessed “When Tim has to catch his breath,” and Ross – Ross drew a pump giving a scuba diver night. Next up is “Hasselhoffing,” referring to the act of changing a colleague’s desktop background to resemble the masculine figure of one David Hasselhoff. Ross drew Hasselhoff bargaining for some apples, because he’s trying to hassle this “hoffer” (more commonly known as salesperson). Max guessed “When you eat cold cheeseburgers off the floor,” because why not. The next word is “juggersnot,” and Max thinks it’s a fourth grader trying to be funny. Ross drew a man jugging a woman’s snot (a woman because he’s jugging her snot…jugghersnot). It actually means “a huge impending sneeze you know you can’t prevent.” Ross does a wonderful imitation of this event, and then we move on. Next is “half day Tony,” which is a person who quits a new job after only half a day, usually leaving for lunch and never returning. Max put “When a guy named Tony bitches to his boss enough that he gets a half day,” and Ross drew a man named Tony split up over a few days. Next is “joke insurance,” which Max believes to mean “when you tell a joke so cringy that you have to pay other people compensation for it,” and Ross says “preparing people for unfunny jokes” with an arrow pointing to Max. It’s actually defined as two people who have a mutual understanding to laugh at each other’s jokes, no matter how awkward, therefor lessening the social failure of the joke. The next word is “farticles,” for which Ross drew a stunning portrait of a popsicle in someone’s butt, and Max puts “A joke told by a third grader.” It’s actually the microscopic, airborne particles of fecal matter released by the anus during a fart. Charming. The last word is…“hangry.” We all know the meaning of that, so Ross draws an arrow pointing to Max saying “I’m with dum,” and Max draws an arrow pointing to Ross saying “This guy’s a butt-face.” Red performs a stunning musical number, and that wraps up this Office Antics Urban Dictionary Challenge! Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you next time!
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