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Straight Rights (feat. Chester See) - Music Video

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Written & Directed by Julian Smith
Original Music by Julian Smith


Julian Smith

Donnivin Jordan

Toby Meuli

Chester See

Nicholas Caprio

instagram: @JulianWasHere

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It must seem romantic
But we’re not a pair
We can't help the fact we were born with
Such fabulous hair

I don’t mean to be mellow dramatic
But when will I

I get my straight rights
Straight rights, yeah

Chester: Can you imagine a world where straights are a normal part of society?

Julian: Tell me in song.

We’ll get manis and pedis
We’ll eat cupcakes and tea
Nobody will tell us we're cute
When we wear matching tees

Nothing can hold me back if I'm fighting
The good pillow fight

I’ll get my straight rights
Straight rights, yeah

You might like straight people once you get to know them
They're human just like gay people too
We want in on the action
We just don’t want any action
We want to have our straight rights too

To be out in the open
To be honest and free
To be a man who likes women
I’m the last of my breed

But like a salmon I’ll keep swimming upstream
Til I feel the light

And I'll get my straight rights
Straight rights, yeah
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