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Subnautica Gameplay : REEFBACK! STASIS RIFLE! S2E4

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Nahráno uživatelem Sl1pg8r - Daily Stuff and Things! Subnautica Gameplay Peeps! Epic Underwater Adventures and Funny Moments! There have been some major updates to Subnautica and it's time to start season 2! New crafting, base building and MOAR! Today we find a Reefback and play around with the Statis Rifle! Check this out!

Subnautica Season 2 Gameplay Playlist!

Descend into the depths of an alien underwater world filled with wonder and peril. Craft equipment, pilot submarines, terraform voxel terrain, and out-smart creatures and monsters to explore lush coral reefs, volcanoes, cave systems, and more - All while trying to survive.

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Intro/Outro Music by: Topmass
Title: For My Haters -
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