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This Video is Rated Arrrrrgh! (Blackwake Multiplayer: SeaNanners/Chilled vs FunHaus)

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Nahráno uživatelem ChilledChaos A-HOY Mateys, Welcome to Blackwake, The funnest Pirate Game I've ever played! Join Nanners, Ze, Sham, and Myself as we take on FunHaus in a Battle for the High Seas! It's the Pirates vs the British...Who Will Win? Leave a rating for more!

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So looks like we are the Pirates and FunHaus are the Dirty Brits. Join Team Pirates as we take on the Dirty Empire. FOR GOLD. FOR WENCHES. FOR SELF!

Well Internet, seeing as you decided to Join the Pirates...your first order of Business is to...SCRUB THE POOPDECK, While we Scrub the floor with Funhaus! No seriously...we kicked the crap out of them this session (They were very good sports though)

We probably played for about an hour, switching between maps, but never switching teams. We are Pirates at Heart! SHIBER ME TIMBERS. WE WILL CONQUER ALL.

What is BlackWake? (According to Steam)
Blackwake is a multiplayer FPS naval game set in the 18th century.
Set during the Age of Sail, Blackwake focuses largely on team based tactics and overall cooperation. Between loading Guns, firing Cannons, boarding the enemy ships...teamwork is key

Ye Olde CrewMates!

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Music by Kevin MacLeod of Incompetech
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