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Ariana Grande Thank U, Next Music Video Throws Shade At Pete Davidson

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Nahráno uživatelem TheTalko Every Pete Davidson Reference You Missed In Ariana Grande's Music Video Thank U, Next!
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The much anticipated “Thank U, Next” music video has finally come and it is chalked full with references and disses to her past love, Pete Davidson. The SNL star may be a little shocked when he sees this video. From a “Mean Girls”-esque burn book writings about him, to a “Needy” t-shirt and more, he’s been thrown some shade...however subtle it may be. Ari even takes the time to say a little sorry as well, so it isn’t all bad. Jennifer Coolidge reprises her role to give Ariana some much needed advice on men with “big teeth” while Matt Bennett plays the role of Cliff from “Bring It On” that may really be Pete...but you’ll have to watch to find out for sure! Subscribe to TheTalko and give this video a let’s get going and see the shout outs, or shade, that Grande gives to our favorite funny guy!

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