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The Elephant in the Room | LA STORY S2 EP 4

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Nahráno uživatelem AwesomenessTV It's time for Kate to clear the air with some of the girls by letting them know who truly is causing the issues among the squad. Later, at the zoo, the guys are in a deep mess while the girls can’t seem to figure out the pecking order of their own food chain.
Into You | LA STORY S2 EP 3 -

This friend group has been tight since freshman year in high school. They have had their ups and downs, hookups, breakups and breakdowns but in the end…they somehow manage to stick together.

→ Credits ←
Caitlyn Cook:
Camille Leonard:
Dylan Gates:
Jackson Hermlee:
Evan Phillips:
Kate Pitney:
Bradley Schatz:
Lauren Starkey:
Jamie Wientjes:
Sienna Skelly:
Hunter Douglas:
Holden Thomas:

Created By: Autumn deVitry
Executive Producer: Autumn deVitry
Supervising Producer: Tara Cole
Story Producer/Editor: Justin Johnson
Director of Photography: Cory Warner
Associate Producers/Camera Operators: Oz Ozmen, Drew Warren
Production Assistants: Denzel Johns, Davin Tjien, Anja Ellam, Ali Gould, Bailey Wildman, James Burton


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