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Dear Diary... (CoD: PropHunt - Episode 13)

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Nahráno uživatelem ChilledChaos The Name of the Game is Prop Hunt! Simple in concept...but difficult to master. Can you be the average household item and elude Detection? Or will you get a face full of lead. Leave a rating!

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The game still functions the same (So I will leave the original text on the bottom of the description) but there are a few changes that make it different from the original Gmod version.
1 - You select your item from the in game menu, meaning you can not search for an item that would blend in, you have to pick an item and make it blend in
2 - You can rotate the item on any axis (X,Y, and Z) as well as make it a fixed position
3 - You do not lose any health for shooting wrong items. You merely have a fixed number of shots (which increases with each kill) and you must shoot pretty much everything to find out what is guilty of being a prop bastard!
4 - The last person alive gets to be the seeker the next round
5 - You can switch into a seeker character at any time to try and elude detection (Mr. Sark sucks at this)
6 - Lastly, it is ridiculously hard for the seekers to find anything because everything looks like it belongs.

I am sure there are other differences, but these are the ones I am currently remember 11 O Clock at Night. Enjoy the Game!

Original Game Description
The Game is simple to understand. There are two teams, the hunters and the Props. The game functions like a giant game of hide and seek, with the props looking to avoid detection for the duration of the round.

The Props: They have 30 seconds to find at items that they can turn into, and be able to blend into the environment to avoid detection. Whether it be a table, a chair, a book, anything that will allow them to assimilate with the environment as if it was always there. If the props do this well enough, the enemy team can use up all of their chances at guessing before they are found out.

The Hunters: They have to look around the map for props that seem out of place and guess which it is. Whether it be an object that seems weird, or moves, or just doesnt seem proper...the hunters have to decide and smash that item. But be careful, each shot or hit will cost the hunter 5 health if they are incorrect. A correct hit will yield no health loss, indicating that the item is a prop!


The Other Survivors

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