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Lakeland's First Year Experience - General Transfer Degrees

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Nahráno uživatelem Lakeland Community College You already know that applying to Lakeland was a good idea. You know our tuition is less than a four-year school. You may have even planned on transferring to a four-year school after you’ve finished here. If that’s your plan, or even if you’re not sure yet, then consider completing an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science Transfer degree.

If you’re planning on transferring to a four-year college or university, completing an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree is a great pathway to follow. With your AA or AS degree, you’ll satisfy all of the requirements of the State of Ohio Transfer Module, meaning the credits are guaranteed to transfer to any Ohio public college or university.

Courses along the Associate of Arts pathway are designed to strengthen your critical and analytical communication skills. They are launching points to the more specific studies, preparing you for advanced course work. By studying in these fields you enhance to ability write effectively and creatively. Concentrating in a program allows you to be more prepared for your major when you transfer.

Courses completed as part of the Associate of Science degree focus on the technical application of your education. Many courses include additional lab work to provide practical and hands-on interaction with the material. An Associate of Science degree provides the flexibility to concentrate your coursework in areas of the math and science, and to be prepared to enter programs at another college or university.

It’s a good idea while working toward your Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree to explore your next step at other colleges and universities. Some of these opportunities can be found across the street at The Holden University Center. Lakeland’s partner institutions have pathways designed to transfer your degree seamlessly into a bachelor’s degree program. By planning your transfer early, you can be sure that you’re taking the right classes for your major at your next school.

If starting down the path toward an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree is right for you, your first step should be to meet with your counselor and discuss your ideas. With your counselor’s help, you can create a completion plan that works for you!
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