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Rocky Mountain Race Week - Vol.1

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Nahráno uživatelem Riding With Alex Taylor Behind the scenes action from Rocky Mountain Race Week 2018, Part 1! Myself and Badmaro with Mom as co-pilot took the week on. A few bumps along the way created a change in the original plan, but we still finished the week with low e.t.s and high mph! Tag along as we drive our 1,300+ RWHP Camaro down the road for 1,200+ miles with A/C and stereo while we cruise with other cool hot rod friends and race for 5 days! Look out though, because Badmaro proved to be a handful a couple of times, and almost had an encounter with the guard wall.

Thanks to Matt Frost, June Allison, and 1320 Video along with all of the RMRW sponsors for creating and hosting such a FUN event!
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