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How to avoid staying too rich at idle: Minimum Injector Pulse Width

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Nahráno uživatelem TheTuningSchool This video will show you what do do when you don't have injector data but your vehicle is idling way too rich.

0:25 One of the setting in Fuel Injector data that usually causes a problem
0:41 Problem you buy bigger injectors without data
1:00 Let's look at how to fix the problem using HP Tuners VCM editor
1:25 Minimum Injector Pulse width equals...
1:45 When you get a larger injector you get...
1:58 When you purchase injectors without data you are creating a problem for yourself and your tuner
2:45 Let's look at this in a scan using our HP Tuners Scanner
3:20 As you can see in this scan without good injector data this file is off 43% cumulative
3:55 The solution to this problem is simple...
4:15 Obvious solution is put the correct injector data in the editor
5:05 We normally don't go below this setting....

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