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Dude Soup LIVE at RTX! - Dude Soup Podcast #28

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You always remember your first time.

Nervous, sweating, afraid you can't perform. With us, it was exactly the same. We had to really psych ourselves up for the deed. Would we live up to expectations, or would we just be a huge disappointment? To be honest, none of us were in top physical condition, and knowing that we were going to be on display like a hunk of raw man meat made it worse.

And then you're there - you're in it - and instinct kicks in. You start by setting the mood, making sure you're all comfortable. Maybe do what we did - have some drinks to get relaxed! You know just how to move, exactly what to say to get the reaction you want. You remember all those times practicing in front of your computer, or even with your friends.

And suddenly it feels so good! You're vibing, you're totally in the zone. You form a bond, one to one to one to one, and back again and again. Sweat drips down the small of your back, but that only makes it more exciting.

And then, just as suddenly as it started, it's over before you know it. Don't feel bad - not everyone lasts the same amount of time. You're coming down from this incredible high, and you're in love, and everything you just did replays through your mind, and you'll remember it forever.

At least, that's how our first time doing Dude Soup Live was.

Was it good for you?

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