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Nintendo CENSORS Itself? - Dude Soup Podcast #29

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SLOOOOOOOOOW news week in gaming means we're going deep. Nintendo rarely does well for us, so this is kind of an experiment. Maybe you'll watch it. Maybe you won't. But maaaaayybe you will.....?

See, the key to doing a solid episode of Dude Soup is to have something crazy or controversial. We've been lucky this year, in that we keep stepping in all kinds of gaming shit: Silent Hills, or Fallout 3, or that time Bruce said did thing that got us sued only we can't talk about it anymore and had to delete the episode due to an out-of-court settlement with that one kid's family.

Regardless, there's none of that this week. Doesn't mean the episode isn't good, just that I'm personally a little worried that it won't do well. So please, do me a favor: tell your friends to watch Dude Soup. Download it. Listen to it twice!! And don't ever. EVER. Talk about Bruce's trip to the Water Park.

I've already said too much.

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