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Ar-Ab Speaks On Possible Reconciliation With Meek Mill

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Nahráno uživatelem djvlad - With the dust finally settling in the beef between Meek Mill and Drake, Ar-Ab has shared his thoughts on what Meek can do next and how they can also settle their differences.

In an interview with PSA Radio, the OBH artist says he's pleased the rappers have moved on from their beef, but mentioned Meek has to work harder to regain his respect in the rap game since he started and ended the battle. He also says the "R.I.C.O" rapper should work on playing up the victim role to gain back his fans.

He also looked back at Dreamchaser rapper Omelly's diss towards him and commended him for standing up for Meek. When asked about possibility clearing the air with the rapper, Ar-Ab said the ball was in Meek's court.

The rapper shared his thoughts on Cassidy's past beef with Meek and how he plans to make a return to the studio.

Special thanks to PSA Radio ( for the interview!
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