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Mopreme Shakur Recalls 2Pac's Return To L.A. After Jail Stint

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Nahráno uživatelem djvlad - Fans will never forget the moment the late Tupac Shakur made his infamous return to California. Calling it “the best moment of their lives," Mopreme Shakur speaks to VladTV exclusively on the many changes that happened after his stepbrother was released from prison.

Mopreme reflects on the police brutality the rapper endured at a New York Prison in 1995 and referencing N.W.A.'s classic hit, "F*** The Police." While Tupac was in jail, Mopreme and the rest of the Thug Life-turned-Outlawz crew kept the wheels turning by consistently releasing music from the rapper. Tupac’s celebrity and notoriety continued to rise beyond his dreams, including the moment he signed to Death Row.

Mopreme says after Tupac’s jail stint, he returned to Los Angeles and pushed out singles like “California Love.” From there, things were looking up for the rapper, including the chance to be in films like “Poetic Justice.” While everything seemed to be peachy, his deal with Death Row didn’t it well with Mopreme. With Tupac signing his deal from jail, Mopreme believes Death Row’s move was very calculated, but not surprising.
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