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A.CHAL - "000000" Live Performance | Vevo

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Nahráno uživatelem ACHALVEVO A.CHAL - "000000" Official Performance

"Round Whipping" is one of those tracks that brings an utterly memorable atmosphere with it. When Zane Lowe premiered A.CHAL's track to the world in 2015, he knew he was showing the world a new artist who was forging a truly personalized vibe. The Peruvian-born, Queens-raised, LA-residing Alejandro Chal had been sculpting his sound for a minute, and had come up with something intriguing, and fans started to line up for more. His 'Welcome To GAZI' debut elaborated on it, and his 'ON GAZ' follow-up, which featured work from French producer STWO, nudged it further. Boom. More notice with the hit "Love N Hennessey." In 2018 he gave us the video for "LA DUEÑA," and we fell hard. So we invite A.CHAL in for a stripped-down ride through that track, which has clocked more than 20M Spotify views, and "000000" from his 'EXOTIGAZ' EP. They both came out great. Watch him spit that Spanglish on a pair of cool performances.

Director: Bram VanderMark
Producer: Madeline Schmidt
Editor: Kevin Rose

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Watch the official video of "LA DUEÑA:



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