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Floppy Jalopy The Serial Killer! (The Derp Crew: Town of Salem - Part 102)

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Nahráno uživatelem ChilledChaos SLAP MY SALAMI. THAT MANS A COMMIE! it turns out Im a Floppy Jalopy, and I am here to cause panic to the citizens of the town...its kind of my 'thing'. I'm also here to see GaLm get Salty. I love that! Leave a rating for more!!

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So the Derp Crew decided to head back in time to an Era that wasn't so kind to its Citizen. Where burning witches was legal, and murdering your local jailor wasn't really that frowned upon! We will attempt to deceive, trick, punish, and lie as we attempt to win for our faction and bring glory to our respective cause!

Game Description!
Town of Salem is a browser-based game that challenges players on their ability to convincingly lie as well as detect when other players are lying. The game ranges from 7 to 15 players. These players are randomly divided into alignments - Town, Mafia, Serial Killers, Arsonists and Neutrals. If you are a Town member (the good guys) you must track down the Mafia and other villains before they kill you. The catch? You don't know who is a Town member and who is a villain. If you are an evil role, such as a Serial Killer, you secretly murder town members in the veil of night and try to avoid getting caught.

For More info on all of the Class Roles check out

The Derp Crew is still new to this game, so we have a lot of
questions and things are at times Trial and Error.

The Other Players

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