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Eating Healthy at a Truck Stop? $7 Healthy Trucker Lunch Challenge!

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Nahráno uživatelem healthytrucker | Can you buy a healthy lunch at a truck stop for $7 or less?

As a truck driver, you'll often be on the road and away from home for multiple days at a time. Many truckers know the importance of stocking up your truck with food for the road. However, sometimes you might find yourself without anything in your truck -- without the opportunity to make a grocery store stop to replenish your supplies. The only option? A truck stop. It's common to see truckers eating very unhealthy at the truck stop. With the variety of typical convenience store packaged foods, sugary drinks, and even high calorie hot food, it may not seem possible to eat anything healthy.

In this segment, health expert Eric takes on our Healthy Trucker $7 Challenge: find a healthy, filling meal at a typical truck stop for only $7. Our additional challenge: assume your truck has nothing, not even a beverage!

A truck stop is not the ideal place to find a healthy meal, but it can be done with a little patience and knowledge of nutrition information. Never be afraid to ask the attendant questions about items that don't have information available.

For more tips on eating healthy on the road and healthy truck stop foods, check out!

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